Devlog: Movement and feel

Now, I understand how important the control of the game.

Control is not only how to move your character, but it also dictates the pace of your game. The more complex the control, the slower the pace of the game is, the more "tactical" it feels. So, in order to create high pace, simple control is the way to go.

Complex control does not equal deep,  it just make it more "tactical".

The problem is, to make the control feels right, it takes time.
Even the slight things like "slide slash", it can create another feel to the game.

Also, programming the movement on your game can create another bug.

Take a look to this moonwalk bug.

Dang son, you ain't MJ.

Now I'm really confused, should I implement dash cancel, or jump canceling?

Overall, movement is simple thing, but really deep, and it takes effort to create good movement.

-------------------------Indonesian Version-----------------------------

Jadi kurang lebih sekarang baru ngerti gimana pentingnya kontrol di dalam game.

Control bukan hanya membuat player bergerak, tapi juga bisa mengkontrol pace dari game. Semakin komplex control dari game, semakin slow pace gamenya, semakin terasa tactical. Jadi kalau mau membuat game fast pace, lebih baik mengunakan kontrol yang sederhana.

Selain itu, semakin kompleks control dari game kamu, bukan berarti semakin dalam gamenya.

Bahkan dari hal sepele seperti slide cancel, membuat gamenya terasa berbeda.

Basically, membuat control di action games tidak sesederhana keliatannya.

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